California Transparency and Supply
Chains Act Disclosure Statement

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As a retail seller doing business in the State of California, the following is Origami Owl, LLC’s (hereinafter “O2”) disclosure as required by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

O2 expects that its suppliers will conduct themselves in a fair and open manner, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, our Code of Conduct, our contractual agreements and our Factory Compliance Guidelines. Together we strive to "do the right thing always" with respect to business conduct, ethics and corporate citizenship.

  • 1. O2 performs social responsibility audits regarding all suppliers.
  • 2. O2 coordinates supplier audits through a third party, Bureau Veritas, to specifically evaluate compliance with company standards regarding human trafficking and slavery. O2’s primary and secondary factory suppliers are audited.
  • 3. O2 expects its suppliers to comply with the laws in the countries where they are conducting business. O2 does not currently require supplier certification that specifically addresses slavery and human rights.
  • 4. O2 maintains accountability standards and procedures regarding employees and contractors who fail to meet legal requirements and company standards. If a supplier fails an audit (a) a corrective plan is implemented, (b) the supplier has a 60 day time period to correct issues and (c) the factory is re-audited. If the supplier does not comply with corrective action or fails the second audit, new business will be suspended and the current business will be removed from the supplier.
  • 5. O2 provides training regarding slavery and human trafficking to company employees and managers who have direct responsibility for supply chain management by way of communicating social responsibility results internally once a supplier review is completed.